Referral Agents

Perhaps you are newly licensed and not ready to quit your day job, going through a major transition like getting married, having a child, or finishing a degree. You may need more time to find a brokerage that is most aligned with your goals and values. These are just a few reasons to consider not letting your license go ‘inactive’ and still getting real work experience. Becoming a real estate referral agent with us offers you the perfect solution for keeping your license active and earning thousands for your referrals.  It is an easy, inexpensive, and better option than letting your license go into an ‘inactive’ status or, worse, allowing your license to expire.

There are NO desk, training or MLS fees. To activate and remain an active referral agent, there is a low annual administrative fee of only $125. Upon activating your license, you will get 250 FREE professional business cards. We even cover your Errors & Omission insurance!

We are an independent brokerage, so you may place your referral with one of our agents and specify the level of experience, designations or specialties.  You can refer commercial, new construction, single and multi-family residential, rentals, even vacant land business to us from any state.  Why not refer a customer or yourself to a new home builder and earn the 3% builder referral commission? On a $500,000 home, you would earn $15,000 in referral income. That is the potential value and power of an ACTIVE real estate license! With an inactive or expired license, there is ZERO income potential.

It’s very easy to get started.  Simply click on the Contact Form, or call us 407-603-5587.  We will verify your license, draw up a referral agent agreement and email the agreement for your electronic signature. It’s that easy!